Friday, February 6, 2009

Kahu Kuʻuna II: Foundations

Tommorrow is the first class! The direction of this class will be guided by students. We have many opportunities and I hope that as a learning community we all can decide on the focus for the semester. The over-arching theme for the class is "Foundations". It is essential that we identify what foundational base-line we have before moving on to affect the larger stewardship community. 

How did our kupuna flourish on these islands?
What aspects of their society or traditional stewardship methods allowed them to successfully interact with the environment?
Who in their society maintained this delicate balance?
Were there consequences for upsetting this balance?
What were the advantages for maintaining this balance?
What aspects of their stewardship do we see today?
Can these practices be implemented in our modern social environment?
Do any of our laws support traditional stewardship methods?

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