Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Maunakea Discussion

The class today engaged in a very interesting discussion focused on Maunakea. Sorren shared her experience of going to the Comprehensive Management Plan community meeting. This definitely added to our conversation. It is obvious to us that there are many issues and challenges ahead and we are concerned about the potential outcomes for Maunakea. I think that we are in agreement that there needs to be a management plan in place for Maunakea, but we don't know who should be the ones put in position to make those decisions.
  • Should the University be tasked with the preparation and implementation of this managemnt plan?
  • Why doesn't the State take a lead role in this CMP?
  • Will the concerns of the communities involved be seriously addressed?
  • Why can't OHA play a larger role in this? Or should they?
  • What about the $1 a year situation?
  • How does the "Ceded lands" issue play into the situation?
  • What about soveriegnty concerns?
  • How can this class make a difference?
  • What about the gorse on Maunakea?
We don't have any answers, just more questions...

My question... How does any of this truly benefit Mauna a Wakea?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hawaiʻi Volcano National Park

Although we were a small group that went to visit Tūtū Pele, what we gained was by no means small. We began our day with Keola Awong at Uwekahuna, a bluff overlooking Tūtū Pele. We offered our hoʻokupu that was prepared by our class. Keola took us to the Puʻuloa petroglyph site. It was truly amazing to witness first hand the extent of the site. We spent quite awhile there exploring the artwork of our kupuna. We then went to meet up with Bobby Camara who provided us a tremendous amount of information about the native plants in the park. We then had an opportunity to visit some of the collections that the park maintains. There is definitely a lot of mana in those collections.  Mahalo to the staff at the park for always being available to share the work that they are doing in cultural resource management.