Friday, May 9, 2008

HwSt 197 Semester No. 1 Complete

The experimental course HwSt 197: Kahu Kuʻuna I is pau! From its rocky beginnings to a successful hōʻike this first class went well. As a new teacher, I have learned a lot about myself as a teacher and also ways in which I can further develop this course. I hope that the students were able to sift through some of the confusion at times and were able to take a little bit of info with them as to the importance of the connection we, as people of this ʻāina share and understand that we have a kuleana to malama this special place and the special and unique things associated with the stewardship of our wahi kupuna. I hope that the creation of this blog allows for new and former members of this class a place to share experiences and information. The important thing to know about the creation of this track is that the only way we can move towards making and effecting positive change to a system that has been resistant to culturally appropriate methods and perspectives is to begin these discussions, explore the practices, form collaborative relationships, and unite in a cohesive manner from a solid foundation of cultural integrity.

So to those of you who endured this first semester I say to you... mahalo... and of course remember to continue towards becoming warriors for the ʻāina! 

House Resolution Concerning the Creation of a M.A. Program @ UH-Hilo in Cultural Resource Management

Follow this link to see the House version of a bill to support the creation of a new M.A. program at UH-Hilo. Dr. Peter Mills has been actively pursuing this new program and has been working with HawCC to develop a collaborative environment to facilitate a bridging for our students. Note the mention of the Kahu Kuʻuna track in the bill.