Monday, October 12, 2009

Support needed for Kunia/Pohakea

We spent last night with a beautiful community of Paniolo who live in the lands of Pohakea. Pohakea is in great need of our protection at this time. Campbell Estates are in the process of selling lands of Pohakea and surrounding acreage which will emcompass 854 acres to C&C Farms LLC. The sale hasnʻt been completed yet and C&C Farms LLC have already started to sell parcels and collect "good faith deposits from people."

Pohakea is one of the peaks in the Honoʻuliʻuli area you drive right past it everytime you drive on Kunia Road. Last night as I sang "Hopoe" at the foot of Pohakea I cried and at times couldnʻt sing the rigth words because as I could clearly see destruction coming to this place just as Hiʻiaka could see the destruction of her beloved oʻhia forest and friend. In the past few dayʻs numerous wahi pana (sacred sites) have been identified, however according to PBR Consultants the firm who represents C&C Farms LLC they have done their "due dilegence" (not!) and are already planning and plotting... literally!

It was our privilege to meet the strong and hard working people who make up this Paniolo Community. They are all from different back grounds and races but share a culture that can only be created when we allow our diversity to become our strength. I know that my life is richer because a community like theirs exists.

Each and everyone of you have been tagged for a purpose and on purpose. Time is of the essence. This Wednesday October 14th the gates to Pohakea will be locked to the people of Pohakea. The following is just a few ideaʻs by last nightʻs discussion:

1. Educate and inform community at large and go viral on the web with the facts and fiction of this situation.

2. Kukulukumuhana- pull our strengths with purpose. Again if you have been tagged it is for a purpose and on purpose.

3. The ʻĀina of Pohakea is famous in legend and in song. If anyone is maʻa to any mele and or moʻolelo please send me a message. This could become the begining of a TCP Study (Traditional Cultural Properties) which could really assist us in long term preservation and protection of this the wahi pana. We really need the kokua of our kumu and kumu hula on this one..... Ke ʻoluʻolu.

4. If you are a member of NāKiʻiKeAho or any other hui or organizations commited to the preservation or protection of our wahi pana we really need your mana, time and experience.

Please respond to this kahea and add "Wahine ʻo Kunia Honoʻuliʻuli" as a friend on fb. Thereʻs some information on their profile. Mahalo nui loa for your time and consideration on this matter of great importance. Mahalo Piha. We would be very intrested in hearing your manaʻo on how we can kukulukumuhana and work together to preserve and protect Pohakea.

Me Ka Haʻahaʻa,
Leimaile Quitevis