Monday, September 15, 2008

Third Uhau Humu Pōhaku Conference 2008

The Kamehameha Investment Corporation (KIC) and Hui  Hoʻoniho held the Third Uhau Humu Pōhaku (Hawaiian dry stack masonry) Conference September 12-14 in Keauhou, Kona Hawaiʻi. This conference is held to "promote and perpetuate uhau humu pōhaku" as a healthy and continuing practice in our Native Hawaiian communities. 

Around 90 Native Hawaiians participated with the intent to network with each other, learn about the various efforts that are ongoing in our respective communities, and to explore our kuleana to "maintain traditiona
l stone structures and sites and to build contemporary sites for future use". The main activities attendees participated in were at Lekeleke Battlegrounds (with Mason Billy Fields, above left) and at the Kaloko Fishpond (with Mason Peter Keka). Numerous practitioners of uhau humu pōhaku attended and all participants gained a huge amount of knowledge from these practitioners.

These photos are from the work that took place at the Kaloko Fishpond.

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