Friday, July 11, 2008

Kaʻū Kiʻekiʻe Summer Bridge 2008

These photos represent some of the activities in a two-week summer class held in Pahala for residents of the Kaʻū area. Classes were held in the newly renovated Pahala Clubhouse. Students met from 8:00am to 1:00pm each day and 
explored the connections between Hawaiians and their surrounding environment. The class, Kahu Kuʻuna I: Natural and Cultural Resource Stewardship, allowed students to develop and regain their understanding of the unique relationship that Hawaiians maintain with the elements and each other.

Using this as a foundation, students then explore the world of Cultural Resource Management (CRM) and see how this cultural foundation can define how they can bridge traditional perspectives and stewardship methods with the ever-changing landscapes to become more efficient stewards towards realizing our kuleana here to Hawaiʻi.

The Kaʻū area is rich with natural and cultural resources that are constantly under the threat of encroaching development. The residents of Kaʻū are known to be fierce in the face of adversity. This class will provide the students and the community with an additional tool to further assist them in their struggle to keep Kaʻū as pristine and free from the rampant irresponsible processes associated with development. Awareness and pro-activeness are important steps towards being able to maintain our cultural foundations for future generations.

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